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The Intentional Targeting of Journalists in Sudan and Palestine

Shades of Anger, June 10, 2024 post

June 10, 2024

Good morning. You can take action today, for liberation and for justice.

LEARN. Read this article from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) about the journalists who have been murdered in Gaza in the last 8 months. (Editor’s note: They call it a ‘war’ and a ‘conflict’ but we know it is a genocide).

Read this article about the threats Sudanese journalists face as they try and report on the genocide in Sudan. Since this article was published, at least 3 journalists have been arrested and another 3 journalists, along with some of their family members, have been murdered.

Palestinian journalist Sami Shehadeh, wounded in an Israeli strike, lies on the floor beside is blue and white “Press” vest. (Photo: Reuters/Doaa Rouqa shared by CPJ)

NOTICE. Did anything surprise you while reading this? Did you know about the targeting of journalists in Sudan and/or Palestine?

ACT. Look up a local newspaper / news outlet. See if they have covered the intentional targeting of journalists in Palestine and Sudan. If they haven’t covered both, write a letter to the editor calling out their silence, complicity, anti-Palestinian, and/or anti-Black racism.

SHARE. Right now, send this email to 3 people and invite them to do join you in taking action. You can even offer to write an open letter and invite your friends to sign it with you!

ASK. Are you aware of what is happening in Sudan? What do you want to learn more about or what resources do you need to speak up for liberation everywhere? Please reply to this email (or, if you are reading this online, leave a comment below) to let us know.*

In solidarity for Palestinian liberation,

Rebecca Steckle, on behalf of the Shades of Anger collective

*You can also continue the conversation with us in the Speaking Up Network, a private social media platform co-created by Animah Kosai, one of the leaders of Shades of Anger.

Shades of Anger was created by a global collective of women to raise awareness and inspire action to free Palestine. We chose the name of our collective to honor the poem, “Shades of Anger,” by Palestinian-Canadian poet Rafeef Ziadah. We also believe in liberation for Sudan, the Congo, Haiti, and all places where systems of oppression are causing immense suffering and crushing the life out humans. We are led by women of the Global Majority/BIPOC. Shades of Anger is for everyone who wants to act for liberation and you can learn more about it here.

Image description: An off-white background. In the centre of the image, in black text, the text reads, “Shades of Anger,” with a quote from Fatima Bernawi below that reads, “Palestinians do not know the meaning of the word impossible.” Below that, the text reads, “Why should we?” On the right is a photo with a sign that reads, “Amplify your voice”

Image: On the left side is an off-white background with text in black that reads, “Shades of Anger; ‘Palestinians do not know the word impossible’ - Fatima Bernawi; So why should we?” On the right is an image of people gathering by a wall under a sign that reads, “Amplify your voice”


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