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Shades of Anger, June 6, 2024 post

June 6, 2024

Good morning. You can speak up and resist the genocide in occupied Palestine by joining a boycott campaign!

LEARN. Review this “What to Boycott” webpage on the website of the international BDS [Boycott/Divest/Sanction] Movement. Pay special attention to how BDS strongly recommends boycotting this way for maximum impact (many people focused on a small number of companies):

Credit: BDS Movement. Image Description: A visual representation of many people (arrows) focused on one company (a red dot).

And BDS strongly discourages boycotting this way, which divides and weakens individuals and lessens the overall boycott impact (many people or groups of people, all working to target different organizations).

Credit: BDS Movement. Image description: a visual representation of many people (arrows) each focused on a different company (red dots).

NOTICE. What do you think and feel about learning that the most effective way to boycott is in a group, rather than an individual? Are you disappointed to learn that acting alone isn’t effective? Excited at the idea of working alongside others in a community effort? Intimidated at the idea of looking for a community to join?

ACT. Join a boycott that’s meaningful to your country or region. Go to this BDS Movement webpage to find a list of organizations near you.

SHARE. Right now, send this email to 3 people you know who will also be interested to boycott to help with the effort to free Palestine.

ASK. What else do you need or want to know about the boycott/divest/sanction movement? Please reply to this email (or, if you are reading this online, leave a comment below) to let us know.*

In solidarity for Palestinian liberation,

Kay Coughlin, on behalf of the Shades of Anger collective

*You can also continue the conversation with us in the Speaking Up Network, a private social media platform co-created by Animah Kosai, one of the leaders of Shades of Anger.

Shades of Anger was created by a global collective of women to raise awareness and inspire action to free Palestine. We chose the name of our collective to honor the poem, “Shades of Anger,” by Palestinian-Canadian poet Rafeef Ziadah. We also believe in liberation for Sudan, the Congo, Haiti, and all places where systems of oppression are causing immense suffering and crushing the life out humans. We are led by women of the Global Majority/BIPOC. Shades of Anger is for everyone who wants to act for liberation and you can learn more about it here.

Alt text: On the top half is a grey background with black text that reads "Shades of Anger 'Palestinians do not know the word impossible' - Fatima Bernawi, So why should we?" On the bottom half are three photos. The first is a photo of an adult with short greyy hair holding the hand of a young child, who is holding up a Palestinian flag high in their other hand, while standing on a hill overlooking a field of people and cars. The second is a black and white photo of a person with a long ponytail, holding a kuffiyeh and chanting at a protest. The last is a person wearing a kuffiyeh around their head, and a black and red dress, looking at the camera while holding up a Palestinian flag and a peace sign.

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