Boycott, Divest, Sanction, March 23, 2024

Shades of Anger

March 23, 2024

Always remember: YOU can take action every day to help liberate Palestine. Here are our recommendations for today.

LEARN. Get familiar with the international boycott/divest/sanction (BDS) movement, here.

Image description: screenshot of slide from the BDS Instagram account. There are many logos of corporations that BDS is targeting with their international campaigns. The header at the top of the image reads, “Act Now Against These Companies Profiting from the Genocide of the Palestinian People.”

NOTICE. Which of these companies would be simple for you to stop supporting right now? What emotions or thoughts do you have about taking action to cut that company out of your habits as a consumer?

ACT. Choose one of these BDS campaigns and commit to taking the action suggested by the organizers.

SHARE. Right now, forward this email to one person you know who needs to hear that a company they support with their spending is complicit in the genocide in Gaza.

ASK. What will be easy for you about participating in a BDS action? What will be difficult? And which action are you committing to today? Reply to this email to tell us about it.

In solidarity for liberation for Palestine,

Kay Coughlin, on behalf of the Shades of Anger collective

Shades of Anger was created by a global collective of women to raise awareness and inspire action to free Palestine. We also believe in liberation for Sudan, the Congo, Haiti, and all places where systems of oppression are causing immense suffering and crushing the life out humans. We are led by women of the Global Majority/BIPOC. Shades of Anger is for everyone who wants to act for liberation and you can learn more about it here.

Image description: An off-white background. In the centre of the image, in black text, the text reads, “Shades of Anger, Becoming the ‘Ally’ You Already Think You Are.” Bright green shapes/accents are in two corners of the image.

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